Oct 022012

A very interesting article from the Electronic Freedom Foundation: A new study from Australia presents the latest evidence that loosening copyright restrictions not only enables free speech, but can improve an economy as well. The study, published by the Australian Digital Alliance, indicated that if Australia expanded copyright exceptions like fair use and strengthened safe harbor provisions, the country could potentially add an extra $600 million to their economy. Read More of original article…

Fortunately, there are licenses to combat these closed systems that copyright has fostered. Artists like Nina Paley have embraced free copyright in the face of traditional copyright monopolies restricting her every artistic move (read more…). Licenses such as the Free Software Foundations Copyleft and Creative Commons ShareAlike have made use of the existing copyright law to ensure an authors work remains unencumbered and available for use by others. All the while preserving ownership of the originals and the freedom of the derivatives, ensuring continued usefulness.

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