Oct 022012

A very interesting article from the Electronic Freedom Foundation: A new study from Australia presents the latest evidence that loosening copyright restrictions not only enables free speech, but can improve an economy as well. The study, published by the Australian Digital Alliance, indicated that if Australia expanded copyright exceptions like fair use and strengthened safe […]

Apr 132012
Mac malware getting a flashback

The cats out of the bag. Its official, your Mac can get a virus! Some months ago a exploit was found and its causing a big stir. Often Apple has been regarded as one of the virus-free OS. Unfortunately, its not so simple but up till now there haven’t been compelling reasons to worry. As […]

Nov 202011

From the Electronic Frontier Foundation: “Thanks to protections enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, the government generally can’t snoop through your laptop for no reason. But those privacy protections don’t safeguard travelers at the U.S. border, where the U.S. government can take an electronic device, search through all the files, and keep it for a while […]